Learn about Drupal Hosting

To learn about drupal hosting it is necessary that one first and foremost understand the nature and purpose of drupal. Drupal is nothing more than a content management system, one capable of constructing complex web systems with reduced effort, endowed with a considerable number of modules and a rich community, all of which have turned this open source platform into one of the most sought after systems, powering a majority of web sites on the internet.

The number of sites run by Drupal runs into the millions; Drupal as a web development platform and content management system is best defined by the following parameters:

Open Source – Drupal, like so many open source systems, is largely popular among some circles for its low costs, basically free to download with no extra charges be it licensing or maintenance.

Social Architecture – The way drupal works as a multi user system is that it allows users to visit the site, either formally by logging in or as anonymous visitors, allowing administration comprehensive control over access levels assigned.

Content Management – Drupal plays crucial roles with regards to content, making available mechanisms through which you can host online resources as well as promote your content using a myriad of features, especially in the arena of social media and search engine rankings.

Scalability – Drupal’s own record speaks for itself, usually having to regularly process pages exceeding twenty million with equally impressive and intensive requests each given second; and where drupal’s core installation fails, a team of administrators along with optimization tools are on standby to step in.

Security – Because of Drupal’s popularity it is used by thousands of web sites and boasts of a vast community because of its open source nature, the system is subject to several rigorous tests, adaptations and evolutions in the realm of security, especially taking advantage of its vast number of security experts world wide.

You do not have to look far to find data attesting to just how popular drupal is, the system not merely running a few million sites around the world but is the content manager of choice for some of the most powerful company and government department websites in the world. Bluehost is regarded as a great choice for drupal hosting provider. Check out bluehost.com for drupal hosting pricing – http://www.bluehost.com/track/ktalk/bluehost-coupon-code

So then at this point in trying to learn about drupal hosting, you might wonder why you would consider using drupal, if you are not already. Some reasons would include the following:

For one thing you are getting an open source platform and all the benefits related to it.

  • Adaptability – The thing about drupal is that it is highly flexible allowing you to mold any website of any type or format, be it a social media site or image gallery, basically allowing you great customization capabilities.
  • Community – The drupal community isn’t merely vast but intelligent, allowing for easy access to the latest bug fixes, documentation, web tutorials, basically support critical in achieving the most out of drupal web hosting.
  • As far as search engine features and capabilities are concerned, drupal might not beat the likes of Bing and Google, yet it is none the less one of the best among content management systems available.
  • Some of drupal’s impressive features such as quick page responses can be attributed to the powerful caching system, built into drupal and instrumental in reducing the load on one’s web servers.

Not that drupal is a completely perfect system, with one of its biggest faults being the steep learning curve; the fact is drupal is difficult to figure out and use and if you are thinking of using its capabilities to churn out websites in a week, you can forget about it. You will need at least a few months in some cases, this most frustrating for none developers unable to get a handle on the complex interface. Check out bluehost’s offerings for Drupal CMS – Bluehost Discount Offer.